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The Mini Goldendoodle is a boutique or designer mixed breed dog that is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Miniature or Toy Poodle.  This breed displays the best traits of both breeds.   They are very intelligent, loyal, and make great Puppys.  They are great with kids and play well with other Puppys like cats or other dogs.   Mini Goldendoodles make great therapy dogs or a Puppy for special needs children.   Through breeding, they can range from low shedding and semi-hypoallergenic to no shedding and Guaranteed Hypoallergenic.

How the Mini Goldendoodle Breed Came About! 

Mini Goldendoodles can be traced back to the mid-1990s when breeders learned of the benefits of mixing the Golden Retriever and Miniature or Toy Poodles.  The low to no shedding and hypoallergenic benefits quickly made this new designer breed very popular.  They are one of a handful of large breeds that do not shed.   They are considered a mixed breed and can’t be registered with most national dog breed associations.  But they have become so popular that associations have been developed just for the Goldendoodle breed.  One such organization is the Goldendoodle Association of North America.  It is also known as (GANA).  Another organization that recognizes mini Goldendoodles is the Dog Registry of America.  Also known as (DRA).

How are Mini Goldendoodles and Standard Goldendoodles different? 

The main difference between Standard Goldendoodles and Mini Goldendoodles is size.  That is the result of the size and breed of the Dad of the puppy.  When it comes to standard size Goldendoodles the father is a larger standard size Poodle.  This usually results in a Standard Sized Goldendoodle weighing between 50-80 pounds.   The father of mini Goldendoodle puppies is either a Miniature or Toy poodle.  Mini Goldendoodle weights range from 15-45 pounds.   Both the standard and mini Goldendoodles are cute and cuddly but just a little bigger ball of love than the other.  AJ Home Mini Doodles Family Pups only breeds and raises Mini Goldendoodles.

What are Mini Goldendoodles Personality and Temperament like?

They have loving and affectionate personalities like the Golden Retriever but also have the Superintelligence and hypoallergenic traits of the poodle.   They are loyal, very eager to please, and make great companions for families or individuals.  With their smaller size, they make great apartment dogs.   They get very attached to people that spend time with them and love to be close to them.  As with all dogs, a dog’s temperament is a direct result of the type of training, socialization, and overall time spent with your puppy.

How Big will my Mini Goldendoodle Puppy Get? 

AJ Home Mini Doodles vary in size based on which variant of Mini Goldendoodle your puppy is.

F1 Variant –    Height: 20-24 inches high  Weight: 20-45 pounds.

F1b Variant –  Height: 18-20 inches high  Weight: 19-35 pounds.

F1bb Variant -Height: 14-16 inches high  Weight: 15-25 pounds.

What Colors are Mini Goldendoodles and what are their Coats like?

Most mini Goldendoodles favor the poodle side of the mix and usually have shorter wavy/curlier hair than a poodle.  Others can have more of a shaggy coat like that of a Golden retriever The colors of mini doodles vary and get inherited from both of the puppy’s parents.  Some can be solid colored and some are multi-colored with patterns.   The most prominent colors of mini Goldendoodles are Brown, Cream, Apricot, Red, White, and Golden colors.

Are all Mini Goldendoodles Hypoallergenic?

The answer is no! Not all mini Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic.  Only F1bb Variant Mini Goldendoodles are fully hypoallergenic and don’t shed.   Other variants like F1 and F1b are not fully hypoallergenic.   The F1b breed is semi-allergenic and doesn’t shed much after the puppy fur is shed.  The F1 variants do shed and are more hypoallergenic than a Golden retriever.

Should I get a Male or Female Mini Goldendoodle?

When selecting a Mini Goldendoodle puppy, it’s more of a personal preference whether to get a male or female.  Both make great Puppys and additions to any family.   Like people, each puppy has its unique personality and temperament.   For the most part, both male and female puppies are outgoing and energetic and love to cuddle and play.   Some puppy owners claim females seem to be a little more energetic and males a little more chill and relaxed.   But we have seen it both ways, lol.

Are Miniature Goldendoodles good Puppys for families with kids?

Absolutely!  Mini Goldendoodles are very loving and have great temperaments.  Doodles have lots of energy and will play for hours with children.  They also love to cuddle with the family when they get tired.  Mini Doodles are also good with other Puppys in the household.

Are Mini Goldendoodles a good fit for Therapy or Service dogs?

Yes, Mini Goldendoodles are super smart and have great personalities.  This breed is known for making amazing service and therapy dogs because of its calm demeanor.

Goldendoodle Grooming and Care Best Practices

Most AJ Home Mini Doodles will need to be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks.   Some people like the look of longer hair and wait 8-9 weeks between groomings.   You should also brush your puppy’s coat several times each week.  This will help prevent tangles and matting which can cause irritation or infections on your puppy’s skin.

Most Mini Goldendoodles have longer ears that need to be inspected regularly to make sure they are not dirty or have any signs of an infection.

Best Diet for Mini Goldendoodles

Mini Goldendoodles are considered a medium-sized breed and your chosen puppy/dog food should have an option for medium-sized dogs.  It is a best practice to follow your personal vet’s feeding recommendations for how much your Mini Goldendoodle puppy should eat based on his individual age and activity level.    We highly recommend Purina Pro Plan  brand dog food.  It is super high quality and has everything your puppy needs to thrive. This food can be purchased at or Amazon

Training and Exercising for your Mini Goldendoodle

Most Mini Goldendoodles are very intelligent and very easy to train. They have a strong sense to please their owners.  Most doodle owners find it easy to train their puppy with positive reinforcement training styles using treats, and praise during the process.   Short and fun training sessions usually work best.

Mini Goldendoodles are smaller in size and are less energetic than some other breeds.  Daily exercise like walks or playtime will help keep your puppy in shape and not get overweight.

Mini Goldendoodles love to be near their families.  Some display separation anxiety when you leave them alone for long periods of time.  To help overcome this, start by leaving for just a few minutes at a time and then come back to reinforce to them that you will always return.  And gradually lengthen the amount of time you are gone or out of sight. This will gradually teach them to be less stressed while you are gone.

How soon can I bring my AJ Home Mini Doodles Goldendoodle Puppy Home?

Mini Goldendoodle pups start their last stage of development and can be weaned safely from their mothers when they are 7 weeks old.  Separating the mini doodle puppy from his mother before he reaches 8 weeks old puts the puppy’s health at risk.   So the best time to receive your puppy is after he turns 8 weeks old and has been weaned off his mother’s milk and is eating dry puppy food.   This is the perfect time to start potty training and instill positive behavior in your new puppy. It also needs mentioning that you should invest in lots of chew and play toys for your pup to play with to keep them from getting bored.

What is the Lifespan of Mini Goldendoodles

The average expected lifespan of a Mini Goldendoodle is 9-15 years.