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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your puppies cost?

$875.00 for Limited CKC (Puppy only.) See our page “Our Process” for more info on pricing and when payments are due.

Do you have any puppies available?

Yes, we do have puppies available and ready to join their new and forever home.

How much is your deposit for the waiting list?

It’s a $400.00 refundable deposit, which applies to your total puppy price. See our page called “Our Process” for more info on getting on the waiting list.

Can I lose my deposit?

No, you’ll always be refunded if you change your mind.

How old are the puppies when they go home?

10-12 weeks.

Do you give your own shots?

We don’t give shots ourselves. We have our vet do the shots so that your vet will respect it. Most vets don’t give credit for shots if the breeder gave them and will repeat them, which is bad for the puppy’s immune system.

What food do you feed?

We feed Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe from pawTree, which is a holistic Puppy food company we love. See our page called “pawTree Products” for more info.

When offered a puppy, can I stay on your list and wait for the next litter?

Our waiting list is for serious puppy buyers only, but we will work with you to make sure you get the puppy you love. So you can wait for the next litter a couple of times if necessary.

Do you sell full CKC breeding rights?

No. All of our puppies are limited CKC (Puppy only—no breeding rights.) We do not sell our puppies for breeding because we have so many wonderful Puppy homes waiting for them.

Do you ever rehome your retired adults?

Some we have kept, others we have found the perfect home. We always try to match the Puppy with the right home and we usually do not advertise. I pray that God will send me the right person and He always does! Feel free to email me ( and introduce yourself telling me about yourself, your family, your current Puppys, your work, and past experience with rescue and/or with older dogs and what you are looking for in an adult as a Puppy if you are interested.


Where are you located?

We are in Los Angeles, CA.

How do I get on your waiting list?

See our page called “Our Process” for more info on getting on the waiting list.

Do you take PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle?

Yes, we do take PayPal and Venmo and Zelle. If you plan to send a deposit or payment through PayPal, Zelle or Venmo, ask me to send you instructions with my information and how to avoid the fee. 

Do you ship your puppies?

We use a Puppy nanny to hand-deliver our puppies to the international airport that is nearest you. We do not ship puppies in cargo ever.

How big are your puppies?

Puppies are estimated to be between 5-12 lbs. adult weight (depending on which litter.) This is not a guarantee, only an estimate based on the parent’s and grandparent’s weights and past litters.

When do you give shots?

Our vet gives the puppies their first round of shots at 9 weeks old. If you give shots any earlier than this, the mother’s anti-bodies will still be present and will make the shots ineffective.

What is the process for getting a puppy?

See our page “Our Process.”

Are the puppies registered?

All of our puppies are Continental Kennel Club (CKC) registered. We pay all registration fees for you. We register your puppy with CKC right before they go home. You pick the name, and we put “Sunnybelle’s” in front of whatever name you pick. We give you a copy of the registration papers and you will receive an email confirmation from CKC as well. CKC will give you a 30-day free Puppy insurance and one free vet visit with an CKC participating vet in your area. All of our puppies will be sold with Limited CKC Registration (Puppy only—no breeding rights.)