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Mia x Oakley

We are so happy with our decision to purchase a puppy through AJ Home Mini Doodles. He has been an amazing fit for us and he is an amazing puppy. He is so smart, affectionate, happy, playful and loveable. He gets along with every person and animal. We have 4 grandchildren ranging in age from 1 to 10. He loves them all so much and they love him as well, especially our 5-year-old twin granddaughters. We got Loki shortly after Les retired so he has someone home with him most of the time. He gets lots of walks and lots of playtime and a lot of attention. He is the light of our life and I cannot imagine life without him. We crate trained him and he adjusted very well but the crating didn’t last long at all. He was housebroken in about 2 weeks and we stopped putting him in his crate after about a month. He doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t and doesn’t ever have accidents in the house. He is the most well adjusted puppy I have ever seen. We put him in private training classes just to work on his walking, jumping and some other commands and the trainer is amazed at how smart and what a fast learner Loki is.

We would recommend AJ Home Mini Doodles to anyone thinking about getting a puppy and if we ever decide to get another puppy, we would definitely get another AJ Home Mini Doodles puppy.

I have attached a few pictures I picked out. It was hard to choose as we have so many great pictures of Loki. I have a lot of videos of different funny and cute things that Loki does if you would want any of them for your website. Please let me know.

Take care.

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