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19 Pics That Prove You Must Be Brave to Live in Australia

19 Pics That Prove You Must Be Brave to Live in Australia

It is no secret that Australia is home to the most dangerous animals in the world. However, it also has fauna and landscapes that could easily come straight out of a fairy tale. We’re thinking of pink lakes or the happiest animal in the world, the quokka. But the Australian universe has so much to offer that only people living there can understand the peculiarities of this diverse land and laugh when seeing a Huntsman spider.

Most of us love exploring and learning extraordinary facts about other countries, from Germany to South Korea, so we want to share with you a few facts that’ll help you understand how Australians live and why it’s such a special place.

1. “Meanwhile, on a wall in Australia.”

2. “Ghost Mushrooms here in Australia.”

3. “Yes, kangaroos do roam the suburbs in Australia. This guy was in my front yard this afternoon.”

Apparently, kangaroos don’t like to skip mealtime, especially if it involves nachos.

4. “Can’t even do the dishes in Australia.”

5. “A ’Spanish dancer’ sea slug (Hexabranchus sanguineus) has been spotted putting on a vibrant display along the coast of Western Australia.”

6. “Lightning in Australia (Kalgoorlie).”

7. “It’s so hot in Australia our outdoor lights melted.”

8. “Woke up to a snake in my drawer (Australia).”

9. “Golden huntsman. The biggest huntsman spider in Australia, occasionally approaching 7.5 inches across.”

10. “It’s not pumpkin season in Australia but the kids have done their best with what we have!”

11. “Got in my car last night, turned around, and saw this. Australia’s ‘Huntsman’ spider. A big one.”

12. “The new child safety latch is working a treat.”

That’s why Australia is such a peculiar place.

13. “Goanna Rescue in Mildura, Victoria today.”

14. “Leaving a picnic unattended in Australia.”

15. “Man finds an enormous moth. About the size of a rat at a school construction site in Australia.”

16. “Mum found a huntsman spider while on a cleaning job. Yes, we live in Australia.”

17. What are these ants going crazy over?

18. “Unexpected passenger riding with my hubby.”

19. “Wasp vs. huntsman… I’m never going outside again!”

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