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African Wildlife Protection Nonprofit Fights Poaching & Animal Trafficking

African Wildlife Protection Nonprofit Fights Poaching & Animal Trafficking

Do you know that much of the African wildlife is endangered? Wildlife traffickers and poachers illegally hunt many species for profit, causing an imbalance in our ecosystem. Our greed for “something unique” drives these people to perform harmful acts to animals.

But, together, we can stop them.

Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) announces its latest initiatives to promote wildlife conservation in Africa.

The 501(C)3 nonprofit organization works with local groups to prevent poaching, educate the public about conservation, and keep track of various endangered species. With its new initiatives, VETPAW hopes to preserve the natural ecosystem of many African animals – a microcosm that is currently in danger, according to various local studies.

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The new projects include a partnership with artists and other nonprofits to protect African wildlife. In particular, VETPAW recently collaborated with acclaimed artist, Marcel van Luit, to create various NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that would be auctioned in a decentralized market. All of the proceeds of the auction will be used to support VETPAW’s work to protect endangered elephants, rhinos, and other wildlife in Africa.

Another initiative was the group’s recent partnership with veteran nonprofit, Recycle for Veterans (RFV), for trip efforts in Africa. The goal of the project was to bolster security measures in primary schools and reduce theft, while educating the youth about African wildlife preservation and protection.

These projects continue the mission of VETPAW to protect African wildlife. Recent studies suggest that the continent is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, including the mountain gorilla and the Ethiopian wolf. To protect these populations from further decline, nonprofits from around the world have joined to stop wildlife traffickers and educate the public on how to protect these animals.

You can do your part as well! Simply by changing your shopping habits and saying “no” to illegally procured items, you can save thousands of animals from being killed. Our role as humans is to act as stewards to all living creatures on Earth.

VETPAW was founded by a group of American veterans who believe in protecting African wildlife. It focuses on preventing destruction through tactical planning and preparedness. The group has a donation program that is open to the public: every cent goes directly to the missions and serves to upkeep operations, equip field rangers, and provide life-saving resources to the wildlife VETPAW cares for.

The nonprofit organization is constantly looking for new ways to promote African wildlife preservation. Groups or individuals who want to contribute can contact the group directly through their website.

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