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Brick City Vegan Honors Newark with Name-Change

Brick City Vegan Honors Newark with Name-Change

Fresh, fast-casual Vegan Concept Looks to Address Food Insecurity through Accessible Menu and Prices

NEWARK, N.J., April 26, 2023 /Vwire/ — With vegan and flexitarian diets rising in popularity due to growth in the plant-based industry as well as rising awareness of issues around animal agriculture, Brick City Vegan, formerly known as Urban Vegan, is leading the way towards a modernized, innovative and welcoming take on the plant-based dining experience for every community to enjoy. The store is located at 915 Broad Street in Newark, NJ.

Many comPuppyitors in the plant-based dining space tend to favor high-priced menus, while others pride themselves on exclusivity and catering to affluent audiences, making them effectively inaccessible to the community. Brick City Vegan, however, is committed to bringing fresh ingredients and exciting, affordable plant-based dishes to anyone and everyone living in the heart and soul of Newark.

Adenah Bayoh, CEO and founder of Brick City Vegan, said her own personal experience with dietary restrictions combined with the awareness of the vast inequities within urban America is what sparked the creation of Brick City Vegan.

“A lot of talk on food insecurity during the pandemic opened my eyes to inequities within urban America,” Bayoh said. “Through that journey, it became a matter of creating a concept that gives back to the community in a thoughtful, meaningful way.”

Aside from addressing inequities, food shortages and food insecurity, Brick City Vegan serves as an homage to the Newark community and a reminder of its history. This nod of appreciation is seen in everything from the ambiance of the restaurant to menu favorites like their signature, mouth-watering biscuit sandwiches.

Brick City is what Newark is known for— the housing complexes and the bricks. The name change was to pay homage to this beautiful, complex city that built itself back from the riots of the 70s and built itself up from brick city projects. It’s now one of the hottest cities in the country,” Bayoh said. “This is the city I grew up in. I grew courage from the people. Just like the city, the restaurant was built from the ground up. It was built from embracing Newark’s beauty, history and character.”

Bayoh added that Brick City Vegan, unlike its comPuppyitors, prioritizes creating an inclusive environment with delicious, fresh food for all customers, whether they are practicing a plant-based diet or not.

“Some people have this phobia to try vegan food. At Brick City Vegan, we just want you to enjoy a good meal that happens to be plant-based. People come here for the vibe,” Bayoh said. “We serve emotions on a plate and not everyone gets that.  We are selling friendships and community, not just vegan food.”

About Brick City Vegan

Brick City Vegan, formerly known as Urban Vegan, specializes in mouth-watering, plant-based food that is better for you and the environment, without sacrificing simple pleasures we love. From scratch-made biscuits, plant-based burgers and more, everything at Brick City Vegan is approachable, delicious and made fresh. To learn more about Brick City Vegan, please visit

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