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Explore the Top Five Lavish Furniture Items Inside Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Spend Your Time in Style

Explore the Top Five Lavish Furniture Items Inside Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Spend Your Time in Style

Animal Crossing: New Horizons encloses a utopian world inside itself. Nintendo has mastered the art of creating a different universe through this video game. The players have the freedom to create their surroundings from scratch and start a civilization. But sometimes, luxurious things are demanded for adding a classy touch.


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Developed by Nintendo, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has made its presence in the video gaming industry since March 2020. Moreover, it has brought forward features for keeping gamers keenly entertained. And while people find a way to flourish inside the game, here are some deluxe furniture items that can enlighten the beauty of the surroundings.


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons never leaves the fashion behind for Nintendo gamers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a social simulation video game. Meaning that it carries the potential and quality of giving birth to a reality. Although it would be a virtual one, one can explore creativity and develop ideas inside the game.

Moreover, the game has promising features to create an aura of an immersive gaming experience. And to top the expectations of gamers, they do give options to design and purchase items that will make the game look luxurious. Here are the top five furniture items that would make the vicinity sparkle:

Fancy Bathroom Vanity

It is known that game developers provide a range of items that are accessible to all gamers. However, some love to live their lives in style. And indifferently, it applies to video games as well.

And coming in at the cost of 96,000 bells, players can enjoy their shiny Fancy Bathroom Vanity. Therefore, at such a worthy price, it will set a serious style quotient inside the game’s world.

Shower Booth

Talking of bathroom vanity, how can one forget the shower booth, as most of us spend a luxurious time there? While bathtubs are the go-to option inside the game, one might just explore a different taste.

Costing just 110,000 bells, one can get a shower for their in-game character. And let them flaunt the minute yet deluxe upgrade.

Whirlpool Bath

It seems like the game has a knack for hygiene and provides lavish items for it. If one is more inclined toward tubs, this is a perfect choice.

Players can invest 130,000 bells to get the loved item. More so, the sleek and smooth design of the item speaks to its price. Thus, it will do anything but downgrade the look of the gameplay.

Kitchen Island

While arranging items for a kitchen could be tiring, one can make an investment to garner the priced possessions at once. But will one be willing to spend 170,000 bells for it?

If the answer is yes, one will get a modern and gleaming kitchen island to work in. And this kitchen would serve to its fullest while bringing a new finesse to cooking food. But if the answer is no, there is another investment waiting for you.


Drumroll, please! It’s none other than the Throne! To serve one’s royal taste and lifestyle, this throne would be the showstopper. So what if one cannot own a castle? One can surely make his or her own house a royal destination. But does one have the serenity to earn it?


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Standing as the most expensive furniture, it reigns on the charts of luxurious items. Moreover, it is destined to be owned at a price of 800,000 bells. But the cost of its graceful royalty will in turn bestow the highest order to one’s in-game character.

Therefore, one can surely look forward to assembling bells and copping the furniture items. As there is nothing wrong with going out of the box and acknowledging one’s style quotient.


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Which of the above items will you be copping now? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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