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James Cromwell rescues baby pig, names it Babe

James Cromwell rescues baby pig, names it Babe

It’s Farmer Hoggett to the rescue.

Veteran actor and animal-rights activist James Cromwell recently helped PETA save a baby pig that had been headed to slaughter, and you’ll never guess what they named him.

Cromwell, 83, is an honorary PETA board member, and the organization announced Friday that he decided to help when he learned the young animal had fallen off a truck on the way to a slaughterhouse and been found scraped and covered in mud.

James Cromwell in ‘Babe’

James Cromwell in ‘Babe’

| Credit: Universal/Getty Images

Cromwell, whose experience making Babe inspired him to go vegan, met the movie’s namesake virtually on Friday morning. Babe will be transferred to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Pennsylvania.

“Having had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing pigs’ intelligence and inquisitive personalities while filming the movie Babe changed my life and my way of eating, and so I jumped at the chance to save this real-life Babe,” Cromwell said in a statement. “Every pig deserves to live in peace and joy at a sanctuary, choosing when to frolic, where to forage, and how to spend their time, yet few do.”

Babe will have a new life at the sanctuary, where he will join other pigs, as well as alpacas, chickens, cows, and more on the nearly 100-acre property.

Cromwell has been a staunch animal-rights activist for years, and his previous exploits include being arrested for his involvement in a protest at SeaWorld and gluing his hand to Starbucks counter to protest the company charging extra for vegan milk.

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