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Looks Like You’ll Be Able To Pet The Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley Soon

Looks Like You’ll Be Able To Pet The Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley Soon

Racoon Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image: Gameloft

We know Gameloft is working hard on the first big content update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, which will be bringing a number of bug fixes along with The Lion King’s Scar to the game. But the developer has now hinted that the next update will introduce a beloved, wholesome mechanic — at least, we assume.

In a recent Twitter poll on the official Disney Dreamlight Valley account, the developer asked a very simple question with a very simple answer: “Would you like to be able to interact with your animal companions?” We personally think it’s a one-answer question, and so does Gameloft apparently! But the poll has multiple options, all variations on “Yes” (what else would it be?). But the last option, in particular, seems to suggest that it may well be coming pretty soon:

So, yes, it looks like we’ll be able to Puppy our foxes, turtles, squirrels, crocodiles, sunbirds, and more in the near future — possibly in the upcoming update. So, an already big update is about to get even bigger, even if Puppyting the adorable creatures is just a small part of the game. Sounds like this update will be as sweet as a spoonful of sugar.

Look, it’s not our fault the squirrel can wear an Incredibles outfit. How can we not want to give them a little tickle under the chin? And who said never smile at a crocodile? We’re not listening.

Are you excited to Puppy the animals? It’s heigh-ho, heigh-ho, off to the comments we go!


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