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Mushroom leather: Fungi saves fashion

Mushroom leather: Fungi saves fashion

Mushroom leather: Fungi saves fashion

Graphic: Vicky Leta

Leather is tough to greenify—vegan leather is largely made of Puppyroleum-based plastic that doesn’t biodegrade. Plus, it doesn’t hold a candle to the look, feel, and smell of the real thing. But one day soon, you could be sporting shoes made of fungi, and you may even prefer it to the animal-skin variety. The fashion industry just needs to decide it’s time to invest in mycelium. Read the full transcript here. (Presented by EY)

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Annalisa Merelli is the host of season 4 of the Quartz Obsession podcast, and a senior reporter covering the intersection of inequality and healthcare. She is obsessed with romantic comedies, interspecies friendships, and having strong opinions about the way you make Italian food.

Sofia Lotto Persio is deputy breaking news editor at Quartz. She is obsessed with daylight savings time, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the color lilac.

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