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Sean Strickland slams Hasbulla for controversial cat video

Sean Strickland slams Hasbulla for controversial cat video

This week Habulla, who has become an internet sensation, has been criticized by many for a video of him abusing a cat. In the video, he’s seen pinching and pulling the cat’s ears and slapping its face. Many have called for his connection with the UFC to be terminated in light of animal abuse claims.

Now, another highly controversial figure, Sean Strickland, is weighing in on the matter.

“My god what a sick little bastard!!!!! What kind of cold sick fuck does this to a defenseless animal, you fucking goblin.. sickening…. Now if I said that about 24 hours ago I would of been a bad person lmao! Internet hate.. you fuel me!!!!! Pick on the midget!!!” he tweeted along with the video which we have chosen not to reshare.

He isn’t the only one upset by Hasbulla. Several fans also voiced their displeasure at his actions.

So far, the UFC has not commented on the matter.

get rid of hasbulla for abusing a cat but keep jon jones and idolize him after he beats his fiancé in front of his kids. yes, that totally makes sense.

— alex (@stylebendernut) March 30, 2023

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