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The Animal Crossing x Splatoon Nintendo Live concert is available to watch on YouTube

The Animal Crossing x Splatoon Nintendo Live concert is available to watch on YouTube

Let’s get groovy, Nintendo style

If you love live gaming music, then you’re in for a treat — Nintendo has posted a VOD of their Animal CrossingSplatoon live concert performance from the recent Nintendo Live 2022 event to YouTube for our viewing pleasure. The event actually took place at the Tokyo Big Site in Odaiba back at the start of October, and featured tournaments for games like Nintendo Switch Sports and Super Smash Bros., as well as a stage performance from comedy duo Yoiko.

Arguably the main event, however, was the Nintendo Live concert, which of course featured the soundtracks of two of its biggest franchises to date. The show started off with a video of Animal Crossing‘s Isabella welcoming everyone, and introducing DJ KK — who then appeared on a screen with some other friends from the game. How adorable! KK’s set goes on for a good half hour before we get to see some friendly faces from the Splatoon games: Deep Cut.

This is where the show really kicks off in my opinion, because we get a whole live band including two percussionists, a keyboard player, a guitarist, and a bassist, as well as some other musicians who come out and join in the middle of the performance as well. They have amazing energy, and it looks like they’re having a ton of fun!

The Squid Sisters also make an appearance to join up with Deep Cut for the finale, which makes for a pretty epic conclusion to the whole thing. The stage set up looked amazing as well with all of the lights and LED screens, and the crowd looked like they were having a blast as well as they grooved along with their light sticks.

As someone who loves both live music shows and video game music, this Nintendo Live concert is definitely one I wish I could have seen in person. At least now we can watch and rewatch it in perPuppyuity, right?

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