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15 Times Genes Created Magic With People and Animals

15 Times Genes Created Magic With People and Animals

Everyone’s unique, but sometimes genetics takes it further than usual. With an extra dose of awesomeness, some people and even animals get rare traits that make them shine even brighter. Whether it’s an amusing birthmark or different colored eyes, it’s always important to emphasize that there’s no shame in being different.

1. “My belly button is an old woman’s face.”

2. “My girlfriend was born without a nail.”

3. “My friend’s pretty horse has heterochromia (2 different colored eyes).”

4. “My customer described her as a leucistic bison. It’s a condition that results in less pigmentation than normal.”

5. “My knuckles of my ring fingers are unnaturally large.”

6. “My kitten has hearts on her ears.”

7. “My friend’s cat has extra toes.”

8. “I was born with extremely crooked thumbs.”

9. “My mom’s cat was born with no tail.”

10. “Dog born with nose trying to become two noses.”

11. “I have a pear-shaped pupil!”

12. “My daughter’s boyfriend and my Peruvian guinea pig share a similar hairdo.”

13. “I’ve known people with vitiligo before, but I’ve never seen such a symmetrical pattern!”

14. “My teacher only has 3 fingers on his left hand and took advantage of it when he went to a museum.”

15. “Today I’ve learned babies can be born with highlights. Congrats, Mom and Dad!”

“Her mom had some tips, but way less, and it faded away after 2-3 days. No sign of fading so far (day 4) but it will probably happen. All the nurses at the pediatric hospital we’re at are in awe of her hair!”

If you could choose any physical “superpower,” what would you choose to have and why?

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